Steps to a happy bookkeeper

A Happy bookkeeper is efficient

and will charge you less…

Do you want to reduce your payments?

I am sure that you would be very happy to pay less, while maintaining a high quality of service.  There are two principles to the payment that you are paying for.

  1. First is the Quality of the work:
  2. Second is the Quantity of the work.

It is always our responsibility to ensure that the best quality of work is being completed.   So we trust that you are happy to pay for quality work.

However it is up to you as to how much work is required.

At first bookkeeping work is rated by the hours of work completed.   So it if the client does some of the preparation and organization tasks then the bookkeeping charges will be much less then if the bookkeeper has to do all of the sorting, organizing, data entry and reporting work.


After you have a bookkeeper doing the work, you still want them to be more efficient and effective?

Communication – PLEASE communicate clearly with the bookkeeper.

  1. Please phone the SBFC phone number during normal business hours.   If Tania is not available at that time, please send a text and she will call you back.
  2. Please send us an email any time – –
  3. It is always best to send us email requests as this can be reviewed and responded to appropriately at a proper time.

Meals – Always write a comment on the receipts.

  1. When you are having a business meeting at a restaurant, write the clients name on the receipt so that it is clear that it is a business meeting meal and not a personal meal.
  2. When you are having a meal during work hours it is personal expense, however if the meal is required due to a day of travel then add this to your travel expenses.
  3. When you are buying food supplies for a meeting, write on the receipt the event so that it is clear that it is business supplies.

Filing –  Please if you have a pile of receipts in a box, consider the following.

  1. While it is important to have all of the original receipts, the “box filing” will add an additional hour or two to your payment.
  2. The plastic accordion folders are great.   We do provide them to our clients when we return papers to them, however if you use this during the year as receipts are collected, it would keep your papers safe and clean and speed up our service to you.
  3. Also keep papers in the plastic folders to keep the receipts safe and dry for seven years just in case REVENUE CANADA may ask for them.  **  Yes it is important to keep all of your receipts which were used in the tax reporting process for SEVEN years.  **

  Tax return preparation – Please ask for instructions in advance of the appointment.

  1. Please ask for the Tips sheet to be emailed to you
  2. Inform the SBFC of any unique situations such as US income, Farm Business, a change in child support or other issues which may need explanations.
  3. If you own a business be sure to ask questions comparing the benefits of a Corporation verses a sole proprietorship or a partnership.





Tania Spears

“The Happy and friendly Bookkeeper” 



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