Reduce the Tax that you pay!!!

The greatest expense is paying taxes.

“How do I reduce my taxes?”  The answer is “IT DEPENDS!”  

Call now – 403-831-7821 –  to set up a visit with

Spears Bookkeeping & Financial consulting INC.”

 We offer you a FREE visit to review steps to reduce your taxes.

The discussion will involve the benefits and strategies of:

  • The different Income Sources

    • Employment income
    • Commission income
    • Self Employed business income
    • Corporate business income
      • Paid a Salary
      • Paid Dividends
    • Rental business Income
  • Tax Shelters

    • R.R.S.P.
    • T.F.S.A.
    • R.E.S.P.
  • Income Spitting

    • Business partnerships
    • Pension splitting
    • Business owners hiring family members
    • Business owners selling shares to family members
  • Tax Credit Sharing

    • Charitable Donations tax credit
      • are shared between spouses
    • Medical Expenses tax credit
      • are shared with the spouses and children
  • Many other tax credits and strategies to discuss based on your individual situation after you hire a S.B.F.C. tax consultant.

Also we will offer you a referral to:

Please call our friends and let them know that we referred you to them.   THANK  YOU  🙂

  • Spears Bookkeeping Tax Return Services
    • Tania Spears –                
    • 403-831-7821
  • National Best Financial solutions – for Insurance and Investments
    • Michael Spears –           
    • 403-831-7820
  • Business Referral Network – referrals to all types of indepenant business owners
    • Zechariah James
    • 403-370-4472
  • Business Marketing Coaching
    • Tyler Zeck                          
    • 403-703-0732


Just call 403-831-7821 to set up consultation.

The first visit with coffee is FREE


  • Spears bookkeeping & financial consulting INC.  provides:
    • Tax return preparation service for Personal T1 returns & Business T2 returns at a flat rate fee as posted on the website.
    • Please note that if the Tax return preparation visit requires additional bookkeeping before the tax return, this may result in additional bookkeeping charges.
    • When additional consultation visits are requested before the return preparation, additional appointments will be charged at the bookkeeping rates.
  • Spears Bookkeeping & Financial Consulting INC. is an active member of the CIBN business networking club, and therefore we have many business associates in which to you as an appropriate referral.

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