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It is exciting to be an Entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is the explorer of the ideas and inventor of the new business and ALSO the business builder.  It is exciting to be the Entrepreneur, BUT!!  Be careful –  The reason for the fun may also be the reason for the failure.   

You may have started the  business because you are great at doing the job or you are the inventor of a new idea.   However you should not expect yourself to be great at doing ALL of the business all BY YOURSELF.

Just imagine a successful company in which the CEO does all of the work by himself or herself.   Of course it is just not possible.   A successful company is built on a team of talented people who work together for the same goals.   You as the company founder, CEO and Chief Technician may be the leader and Big Boss, but you need a team of talented specialists to do the work that you just do not have time or expertise to do.

We recommend that you


Call and Hire each of these people to

build your Successful Business building TEAM!

  1. Hire Tania Spears the owner of Spears bookkeeping INC. to be your bookkeeper – 403-831-7821

  2. Hire Tyler Zeck of the Marketing Mentor ship Academy to do your Marketing and advertising       – 403-703-0732

  3. Contact Kerry George the CIBN – (Business networking) owner and ask for referrals to other specialists and business partners – 403- 397-1909

    1. Please mention that you were referred by Tania Spears, THANK YOU.
  4. Educate your self with the “Make your Mark” Business system training with Colin Sprake – Toll Free (+1) 844-560-5609 )

    **    Please call NOW – speak to a coach at “Make your Mark” and register for the next evening educational seminar, in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto…   THANK YOU…

    **   Please say that you were referred by Michael Spears. 

Every entrepreneur will benefit with a team of specialists to help them build their business.

It is important for an independent business person to out-source some of the administration tasks to some one who can focus on it and enjoy doing it.  Therefore it is a wise investment to hire a bookkeeper to do these tasks.   The bookkeeper will be much more efficient and effective at these specialized tasks then you are.

Likewise it is always very wise for a business leader to seek advice from a more experienced and successful business leader.    It is a smart investment for the business owner to invest their time and money in business training and coaching.   We recommend that best way to learn business skills is to have a business coach who can discuss with you ideas and directly challenge you to stay accountable to your goals.  

The Program of Make your Mark by Colin Sprake will do this for you.   The Make your Mark program is taking place in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.   This is not a promo event that invites you to travel across the country.  It is an introduction to a training program that will take place in the same city as you are attending the introduction.   The evening educational seminar, is not a promo commercial, It is a valuable lesson for every business owner.

Tania is in the training process “Make your Mark”   We highly recommend that you also contact them and sign up for their next evening seminar and take advantage of the business support and training that they offer.

Please register through the following link.



Please click on this link and listen to Colin introduce his program, then register for an evening of networking and business training.   The experience is a very high value and you will wish you had invited your other business friends to join you at the meeting.     Whether your business associates are in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto, please share this link with them and invite them to check out this event.

*** Please note that one of the basic skills in building your business is to speak to others and give good referrals that help them succeed. A good referral is a gift that keeps on giving, since the receiver will soon give you a good referral as well…

This referral to you, about Colin Sprake will help you succeed in your business.   Please tell Colin and his staff that you were referred by Michael and Tania Spears.   This will help us to succeed as well.   THANK YOU.

I hope you attend and enjoy the next session.

Thank you

Tania Spears & Michael Spears



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