Are you an impulse buyer?

The Week before Christmas is a natural time for a lot of impulse buying.  If it brings a smile to someone face and it does not leave your wallet empty, then Go for it.

However if this is your normal way of shopping then you need to see a money doctor.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you normally an impulse buyer or do you consider what is important?

  • Are your purchases just interesting for the moment or are they an investment in your future?

Some decisions are based on temporary wants and YES, it is good to just relax, laugh, enjoy the moment, eat some chocolate and play in the park etc…   Yet some decisions are based on serious long term needs and really do require your intentional thoughts, and some consultation with others.

If you just need to buy a new pair of socks, then you may just to choose to go to the local “Big Box” store and just get a package deal for what ever is cheap and convenient, but if you are going to take a hike in the mountains that you want to go and buy the best thermal sock available.

If you need something that you will use for a long time, then you will want to

  • Make comparisons of the company and the salesmen
  • Ask question about the product to be educated,
  • Ask lots of questions about quality and safety,
  • Ask for recommendations from your friends,
  • Be aware of your options and seek to make the appropriate customized fit for your unique needs.

When you are shopping for your financial solutions.


Do not just go to the same place that your parents went too.

Consider do you want to deal with a Bank or an Agency?

  • Be careful -If you work with a established institution they will offer you their proprietary product, and you may not have a choice of fees or options.
  • Be Aware– If you work with an Independent Agent or Broker then you can choose from a variety of suppliers and benefit from choices of prices and options.

Consider do you want the same product that your parents bought?

  • Be careful – Your parents may not have been sold the right product, and they may not know the new options that are available to you now.
  • Be aware – Different companies offer different prices and choices of unique options.    What was “Right” 30 years ago may not be relevant to you now.

Consider personal education on the issue

  • Be careful – some salesmen are well prepared to offer you the highlights of the benefits of their product and yet they will neglect to give you the full story.
  • Be aware – Every product has a great benefit and some limitations.   Always seek to know the good and bad and be bold to ask lots of questions.   A true financial advisor will share the good and the bad of each product, so that you know your choose wisely what is right for you.

Consider other people’s experiences

  • Be careful – Naturally the salesman will say that his product is the best.
  • Be aware – It is always good to ask for a second opinion and to listen to others people experiences.   **  


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