Are you an old School thinker?

Are you an” Old School” thinker or are you a “New Generation” thinker?

Bill Bishop is the owner of Bishop Big Ideas consulting and the author of many books for business owners.     One of his books is entitled the New Factory Thinker, and this blog is inspired by his book and the presentation provided at the -Pro Seminar National Adviser Conference.  (Note: the following lesson is not a quotation from the speaker, but is the lesson notes from the seminar participant.)

The concept of the New Factory Thinker is the image of industrial age thinker with stationary factory gears and concrete infrastructure, verses the modern new technology factory with the virtual communication methods and networking processes for products and services.

Bill Bishop challenges that there is the old way of thinking contrary to the new way of thinking.

The New Factory Thinker

Old Thinker – Sells a product                                      

  • Focus on product or service
  • Builds operations to produce the product
  • Sells the product
  • Scorecard is the number of customers and transactions

New Thinker – builds a dream 

  • Focus on and identify the person and their problem
  • Build a solution and become the specialized problem solver
  • Give away FREE value and special services
  • Develop a loyal member relationship that provides referrals and return business
  • Score card is the members and subscriptions
At Spears Bookkeeping we are completing the Old School tasks and providing you with New generation solutions and a new way of providing the solutions that you need a price that saves you money.

The old school bookkeeping services

  • Bookkeeping services and tax returns completed efficiently as requested
  • The bookkeeping company uses Quick books software
  • The company sells bookkeeping services as an ‘al a carte’ hourly service.
  • The Company scorecard is the monthly invoice of hours to the clients and customers.

The New Thinker – New Generation Service – Spears Bookkeeping & Financial Consulting INC (a.k.a. SBFC) …

  • SBFC is focused on the business owner who will benefit from an executive team.
    • The Entrepreneur needs to focus on producing what they are passionate about and then delegate the administration tasks to a bookkeeper who enjoys the tasks.   SBFC aims to be more than just a bookkeeper, we can serve as your business advisor and silent partner
  • SBFC provides the financial tools & consulting to assist business owner’s success
    • A business builder needs the right tools, SBFC provides the tools to build your business.
  • SBFC gives the business owner extra value service
    • SBFC gives consulting, for the business plans.
    • SBFC gives members referrals and opportunity for joint promotions.
    • SBFC rewards members and friends for completed referrals to bookkeeping services
  • SBFC is your silent partner in your business.  
    • Your bookkeeper is a silent member of your executive team
    • You become a member of the Spear bookkeeping membership.


It is the basic “Old School” standard to say that Every body needs the Bookkeeping to be completed efficiently and accurately, just like always has been done so that the CRA is happy, you are STRESS FREE and you SAVE MONEY and pay LESS TAX.    

Now you also need the service to be offered with a NEW GENERATION – operating system…   SBFC offers you Bookkeeping 2.0 Next generation operating services.


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