Tax Return Services


Tax time
Tax Time
  • Consultation
    • To collect all relevant receipts and to clarify the personal information
  • Completion
    • The return and all connected forms
  • Confirmation 
    • You are required to review the return and approve it.  
    • Please ask any questions that you have.
    • You are required to sign the T183 authorization form before we send the E-file.
  • Commitment
    • If you have any questions, please call us.
    • If the CRA sends you a letter to request receipts, you may call us to clarify this letter with you.  
      • However the task to send the receipts to the C.R.A. is your task.
    • If the CRA does a re-assessment and you require a review.  
      • We will review the return and represent you to the  C.R.A. at NO CHARGE.
    • If changes are required then we will prepare the T1 adjustment form for you to mail to the CRA.
      • A one hour bookkeeping charge will be applied for preparing the adjustment form.


  • 10% Discount is given to all Seniors
  • 10% Discount is given to all members of the CIBN.
  • All payment is to be collected before the E-file is sent.
  • All prices remain the same all year and do not change due to the tax season deadline.

Tax Return – Flat rate for forms

  • T1  Personal Tax Return                                         – $60.00
  • T1 – T2121  – Statement of Fishing Activities      – $25.00
  • T1 – T2125  – Business income form                     – $25.00
  • T1 – T7776  – Rental Income form                         – $25.00
  • G.S.T. – Returns                                                        – $60.00
  • T2 – Corporate Tax returns                                    – To be negotiated based on company size and transaction activity.

* If the Tax return preparation requires bookkeeping services then the bookkeeping hourly rate may be applied in addition to the flat rate for the returns.


  • We will do our best for you to ensure the most appropriate return.
  • We will explain the return to you so that you understand the result that you receive.
  • We will resolve any concerns that you have so that you are confident that it is the best result possible.


Preferred Service

In your Home Consultation Service

This extra value for a $25 one time fee – includes the whole family.

  • A home visit allows for your
    • Convenience & comfort
    • Conversation and tax Consultation
    • a cup of your coffee.
    • * Completion in one visit !
  • The return will be E-filed and a printed copy will be given to you at that time.
  • With a home visit, all of your papers stay in your home and do not get moved around. 
  • The “In your home service” is FREE for our neighbors in Midnapore, Sundance, and Chapparrel.


Privacy & Appreciation

  • We assure you that all records are kept confidential, it is only used at the request of the CRA and to prepare for the following years returns.
  • We are very grateful that you allow us to serve you in this sensitive very important task.
  • We are very grateful for any referrals that you share with us so that we can serve more people.


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