Tax Return Services


Tax time
Tax Time
  • Consultation
    • To collect all relevant receipts and to clarify the personal information
  • Completion
    • The return and all connected forms
  • Confirmation 
    • You are required to review the return and approve it.  
    • Please ask any questions that you have.
    • You are required to sign the T183 authorization form before we send the E-file.
  • Commitment
    • If the C.R.A. sends you a letter to request receipts, you may call us to clarify this letter with you.  Please send a photo of the letter for us to review before you call.
      • However the task to send the receipts to the C.R.A. is your task.
    • If the C.R.A. does a re-assessment and you require a review.  
      • We will review the return and represent you to the  C.R.A.
        • For the Gold Service level clients will respond to the CRA at no charge.
        • For the Bronze service level clients all extra tasks will result in extra fees.
    • If changes are required then we will prepare the T1 adjustment form for you to mail to the CRA.
      • A one hour bookkeeping charge will be applied for preparing the adjustment form.


  • Seniors are at a $50 flat rate.
  • The T-183 authorization form is to be signed and the payment is to be collected before the E-file is sent.
  • All prices remain the same all year and do not change due to the tax season deadline.
  • FAMILY Discount:  If two returns are paid for and there are children in the family who live at same address then the First child’s return is FREE. As long as the child is in school.


    • This offer is repeated at balance of “pay for two and get one return for free”.

Tax Return – Flat rate for standard forms

  • T1  Personal Tax Return                                         – $75.00 + GST
  • T1 – T2125  – Business income form                     – $25.00 + GST
  • T1 – T7776  – Rental Income form                         – $25.00 + GST
  • G.S.T. – Returns                                                        – $60.00
  • T2 – Corporate Tax returns                                    – Call for a Quote

* If the Tax return preparation requires bookkeeping services then the bookkeeping hourly rate may be applied in addition to the flat rate for the returns.


  • We will do our best for you to ensure the most appropriate and accurate return.
  • We will explain the return to you so that you understand the result that you receive.
  • We will resolve any concerns that you have so that you are confident that it is the best result possible.

 Preferred Service method

It is your choice of where the service takes place.

  1. In our office
    1. You deliver all paper work to us in a secure package, or send it by email.
      1. * If you have delivered paper work to us then you are responsible to pick it up when payment is made.
  2. In your Home Consultation Service

This extra value for a $25 one time fee – includes the whole family.

  • A home visit allows for your
    • Convenience & comfort
    • Conversation and tax Consultation
    • Cup of your coffee.
    • * Completion in one visit !
  • The return will be E-filed and a printed copy will be given to you at that time.
  • With a home visit, all of your papers stay in your home and do not get moved around. 
  • The “In your home tax preparation service” is FREE for our neighbors in Midnapore, Sun-dance, and Chaparral.

      3. Video chat with Zoom

              Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19 we are now doing consultations over Zoom. Call to set up an appointment.

      4. E-mail

              Files are accepted by e-mail as well. Our e-mail is

Note:  YOU are required to maintain a copy of tax forms and receipts for seven years, just in case the Revenue Canada Agency requests a review of the tax return.    Please keep all receipts in a safe, dry place.


Privacy & Appreciation

  • We assure you that all records are kept confidential, it is only used at the request of the CRA and to prepare for the following years returns.
  • We are very grateful that you allow us to serve you in this sensitive very important task.
  • We are very grateful for any REFERRALS that you share with us so that we can serve more people.

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