Business Success requires Great service to Good clients…

Success is the personal responsibility of the Business owner…

The business owner must develop and practice their education, skills, perseverance, character, timing, action, re-evaluation, action, consultation and more action.   These qualities and commitments must always be a priority.

Yet there is one more factor that we need to practice – this is NOT blaming others, it is FOCUSING on the right target market and being able to SAY NO THANK YOU to bad clients.

Keep this list in mind, our TIME is very valuable and our TIME given to clients should be fairly compensated.

We do not want to waste our time with: 

  • Clients who not pay their bills
  • Clients who will tell us how to do our task.
  • Clients who are asking to avoid the proper process.
  • Clients who are going to re-schedule repeatedly and cause us to loose other clients.

We want to focus our attention on clients who will

  • Respect our business and pay the invoice immediately without requiring us to review our records and take time to ask again.
  • Respect our skills allow the task to be completed without interruption.
  • Respect the proper due process and legal requirements of the Bookkeeping and tax return business.
  • Respect our time by scheduling an appointment appropriately and then show up on time prepared with all necessary papers.

When clients are going to disrespect the professionalism of the company and the company owner, then the owner needs to politely say NO THANK YOU, to their business and invite them to find a different company that may adjust their standards to fit their request.

When a client respects the business owner and the service provided, then that client and their company is a top priority of the bookkeeper. 


Spears Bookkeeping is focused on being a part of your team that will lead you to succeed with the Canada Revenue Agency and your business partners.

Success for Spears Bookkeeping is a result of your success in your business 


Tania Spears

Owner and Chief Bookkeeper of Spears Bookkeeping & Financial Consulting INC.

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