Celebration or Crisis – part 2 – the first baby in the family…

Celebration or Crisis –

both are life lessons to share with others.

We all go through Life Stages which deserve some celebration and ceremony.   However if these stages are not manged well then the result may be crisis and more unexpected challenges and unplanned changes.

Hopefully we can adapt to change well and enjoy the experience of each life stage change.   The experience will be a life lesson. We will learn what works well or we will learn what others should avoid.  Either way as we look back on life it will be a treasure chest of life lessons.

When you think of a gift to give to some one at Christmas, the most sincere and significant gift may the gift of honestly sharing your life lesson with others and then offering them some relevant advice which may lead them through their changes to have a celebration and not a crisis.

Gift of a Good referral.

When some one announces that they are going to have their first baby this causes the full range of emotions.  From fear of failure to all of the fantasies of a child who grows up to be a hero.    With these emotions going wild it is a dangerous time for making decisions.   So it is very important to repeat the previous life lesson as from the first blog in this series.

A little bit of planning and prevention is better

than a lot of clean up and correction.

We all need to build a support team –

BEFORE – the big life stage change event happens.

If you are able to share your personal story of how you survived the life stage change of the new first baby in the family that would be the first good step to helping them reduce their stress.  Then after you share some funny stories from you own children, please share some relevant referrals that can help your friends with their baby and help your friends who own a business.  

A couple planning on their first baby may need to consult with a specialist for some of the following benefits…

  • Financial Coach for a new family budget

    • Call Tania Spears of Spears Bookkeeping
    • @ 403-831-7821
    • info@spearsbookkeeping.ca
  • Financial Planning for a RESP (Education savings plan).

    • Call Michael Spears of National Best Financial Solutions
    • @ 403-831-7820
    • michael.spears@nbbn.ca
  • Life Insurance review

    • Call Michael Spears of National Best Financial Solutions
    • @ 403-831-7820
    • www.nbbn.ca
  • Family Photos of the Pregnancy Growth and then of the new baby

    • Call Sid Helischauer of Dynamic Images
    • @ 403-291-9777
    • http://www.destinationweddingphotographycalgary.com/
  • Balloon and party supplies 

    • Call Mark Heininge
    • @ 403-714-2211
    • http://balloonimaginations.ca/

There are many more relevant referrals that could be made to help out the stressed and confused couple such as the following:

  • Baby furniture store
  • Interior home renovator and decorator
  • home painter
  • printer for the party invitations and news announcements
  • party planner for the baby shower
  • travel agent for the grand parents visits
  • Maternity Fashions
  • Special baby supplies such as a diaper service

If you know of other great referrals that you are happy to share please send a message to Tania Spears to have this blog updated with their contact information.

If you are looking for a good referral to an experienced business person who can help you during this time, then call Kerry George at 403-397-1909, the owner of the CIBN business networking club in Calgary.

Thank you.

Tania Spears





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