What service method do you choose?

Tax Returns can be completed at your convenience and your comfort.

If you are expecting to receive a TAX REFUND, then call immediately and let’s get it to you as soon as possible.   Let us review your situation, the receipts and try to get more money refunded to you.

If you are expecting to have to pay some TAX OWING, then call immediately and let’s review the return to try to get better results for you so that you my have less tax to pay.    If you have tax owing the bill is due April 30th.   It is best to get the return done early so that you have the actual assessment from Revenue Canada sent to you, then you can plan to pay the bill at the bank when it is convenient for you.


Our Service is provided in a variety of methods.  You choose which is most convenient and comfortable for you.

1:   IN YOUR HOME visit is the BEST option for getting the job done once.

  • Convenience: It means that all of your receipts and tax forms stay at your home.
  • Comfort: Sitting at your table with a cup of coffee or cold water is nice.
  • Consultation.  If I can ask some questions that may lead to better results the you can access the information immediately from your home files or computer.
  • Complete the job in one visit.


– You can visit our office and have the return done while  you wait.


– You deliver the receipts and tax forms to our office or mail box and pick it up the next day.   Please keep in mind that we do not have storage space for your personal papers.   After we have completed the return, E-filed it and contacted you, we do expect that you pick it up within the week.


  • We could do the “Virtual Service“, just scan all your forms and information by email, over the phone and text.
  • The service does include a printed copy OR a pdf copy of your return whichever you prefer.

You choose which method is best for you.


PLEASE add a comment below specifying your choice of service method.

Thank you for choosing our service.

Please call Tania at 403-831-7821 or send a message to info@spearsbookkeeping.ca




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