Are you a Do-It-Yourself business owner?

Do it yourself, or Hire a specialist?


Most new entrepreneurs are the DIYDo it yourself type of person.    You know that you can do the administrative tasks so you figure it is better to do it yourself then to pay some one else to do it.

I would advise you from a business building perspective that it is always better for you to focus on your strengths and hire others to get the jobs done that you are not strong in doing, then you will be much more effective, and your business will grow in a healthy structure.

However, if you are at the stage where you do not want to pay a bookkeeper to do your administration.  Then we offer you an option.  For your benefit we offer you a DIY 0ption – to get trained and do it yourself.

Option one: become a student at a local institution and follow their schedule and attend their classes.  

For example a university in Calgary offers a QuickBooks training course. – Note: This information was found on schools website at the date of this post first being published.

  • Tuition
    • Fees for the QuickBooks courses is $1222.
    • You will need to purchase the text book and pay for parking during class time.
  • Time
    • a full semester.
  • Training – this is done in a classroom with approximately 20 other people
    • The class time is from 9-4.
    • The days scheduled are printed in the university course directory.
    • This is a large group training.
  • Result
    • At the end of the training you will have a Certificate to put on your office wall.
    • You will also have a note to add to your resume when you are looking for a job.


Option Two: become an apprentice with Tania Spears – Owner of Spears Bookkeeping

  • Tuition
    • fees for the QuickBooks course is $600.
    • You need to purchase your own copy of the Quickbooks program.
  • Time
    • Personalized training in –your office is 5 hours.
    • Phone consultation time available is 5 hours.
  • Training  – this is one to one personalized teaching.
    • The personal training sessions are scheduled as convenient to you.
    • This is personalized coaching using your real life business transactions.
  • Result:
    • Your business will be set up and fully functioning on quickbooks.
    • You will be able to Do it all yourself!!!  The Dream of the Entrepreneur.

Call Tania at 403-831-7821  to set your training session in your office, at your convenience.



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