“If I had a million dollars, I’d be rich” – Maybe…

If I had a million dollars, I’d be rich!

With the advertisements of the national lottery so often on the TV and posters at every gas station we are reminded of the opportunity to win.  The question of “What if” becomes a game many of us play with ourselves and our friends.   So what if?   What if I won the lottery?   That would be so great…   But then what?

I have seen the news articles many times that report the stories of the lucky people who won large lottery prizes, often the final part of the story is that the person is broke and struggling financially.   So it is an important question to ask, “What would you do if you won a national lottery?”

Really what would you do if you won a million dollars?    

Would you…

  • buy a new house?
  • buy a new car for every one in your family?
  • Travel around the world?
  • Buy a business?
  • or would you give it all away?

But first is the money going to change you?

Many people are afraid to win, because they think that the money will change them into something that they have previously complained about in others.   In principle money does not make you happy or make you a good person.   You can be happy with money and you can happy without money, it is your choice.    Also money does not make you a good person or a bad person.   You can be a very good person with no money and you can be a very good person with lots of money, it is your choice.  So you can choose to use the new resource to be the best person that you have always wanted to be.   I encourage you to be very wise in your decision making, and I encourage you to enjoy the pleasure of being generous with your blessings.

So what does money do for you?

Having more money gives you

  • more responsibility,

  • more choice and

  • more opportunity?

It is your responsibility to use the new resource to the best potential without wasting it, and then to balance this with seeking to use this opportunity to multiply your resource to best benefit your future and others….

So, how do you do that?


1. Prepare yourself.

  1. Financial planning:
    1. Seek advice from a financial advisor for investment options
    2. Seek advice from a financial advisor who specializes in Estate planning strategies and trust funds for your family and charitable donations
  2. Tax planning –  and tax strategies
    1. Speak to a bookkeeper or tax return specialist for Tax planning options
    2. Ask about Tax management through corporation ownership
  3. Estate Planning:
    1. Write a Will and plan on the estate transfer
    2. Plan on the life insurance beneficiaries
  4. Hire a Bookkeeper
    1. YES, hire a personal bookkeeper – She can be your – “Jimmy Cricket” a.k.a.  silent conscience.
    2. The most important skill will be – Self Awareness – Spending too much will lead to being broke again…
  5. Hire a personal life coach
    1. A coach can Keep you focused on your true priorities, you need someone to challenge you to act on your true values.  – –  www.awarenessstrategies.com
    2. The most important skill will be – Self Awareness – of your character and relationships.  We do recommend a relationship with a pastor or a coach.


2. Plan the Priorities

  1. Who can I share with responsibly
    1. I can not just give one million people one dollar each?
    2. Is there some one I can make a difference with?
  2. What do you need?
    1. Need a House?
    2. Need Health services?
  3. What do you want?
    1. Want a new car?
    2. Want new furniture?
  4. What is just a luxury?
    1. Jewelry
    2. Vacations
  5. What is a treat if there is extra money?
    1. Vacations, Vacations and more Vacations…  🙂
    2. Clothes, Dinners, parties and vacations…  🙂

After you have had fun writing out the list of Priorities and you have enjoyed the Dream of what If.   Then stop and ask your self the real question.


3. Personalize the money with your true Values

What LEGACY do I want to leave?  Remind yourself that eventually people will write on your tome stone a short statement.  

  • What do you want them to say about you?  

  • Will you be a kind and generous person?  

  • Will you have been wise and careful? 

Ask yourself:  “If I could use this money to make a positive difference in the community, in my church and my children, what would I do?”

How can I share this with others in an effective manner, that is sensitive and smart?

  • Do I just give it all away to a charity or a church?
  • Do I set up a trust fund that donates a little bit every year to a charity?
  • Do I set up a Life insurance policy that will donate a very large amount to a church after I pass on?
  • Do I donate to a Hospital and get my name on a new building?

There are many opportunities that we have to do good and to leave a positive change for others.    To have more money is a great responsibility and opportunity.   Please seek the advice from an independent financial advisor so that you can maximize your blessing that you enjoy and that is shared with others.

I hope that you have the privilege of wining a lottery and leave a lasting legacy.

I also hope that you call me for advice when you do win…

Thank you very much

Tania Spears

P.S. please call Michael Spears, an agent with national best financial solutions in Calgary at 403-831-7820 for financial investment advice and estate planning…

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