About Us

Who are we?

The story of Spears Bookkeeping is more than just the formal start up of a business. It is also the personal story of Tania, the beginnings of the company started in a church office in Fort St. John BC. During 1996 – 1999 Tania McGuire served as church administrator. Tania successfully completed all of the church administration and bookkeeping with pleasure. In the years after that Tania was gained experience with a large Human Resources department and a Government Social services administration office. ¬† The highlight of Tania’s experience has been to fulfill the tasks of a private school Business Administrator for three years.

It was during the years serving in the school system that

Tania was inspired to take her wealth of life experience and invest it in her own business, to serve her local community.

Spears Bookkeeping has been serving Calgary since 2010. Tania has helped many business owners take their business from step one of registration and planning to an active business requiring monthly bookkeeping and annual reporting to Revenue Canada.

We have grown into a team of  professional bookkeepers who serve as Account mangers.

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