Business Networking = Net worth of the business

Has any one ever invited you to a business networking meeting?

What was your first thought?  Are these crazy people going to pressure me into buying their stuff?   Are these business people on a hunt for new names on their list?    Oh I had a bad experience in the past and so I will not try again…

Whatever your first thoughts may have been, I hope that you final thought was

GREAT! let’s go, have some fun meeting new people

and maybe I will find a new client or referral partner.

It has often been said that “Your Net Worth is equal to your Net Work”  which naturally means that the more positive business connections that you make will result in more positive business relationships which leads to completed business, repeat customers and more money for you and your business associates…

Now if you are invited to a business networking meeting, please attend and please have lots of fun making conversations with as many other business people as you can.   Ask lots of questions and learn all you can about your new business connections.


Let me caution you.  The Big error of a business networking meeting is the presentation that you are hunting for O.P.M. – Other people’s money.   Therefore do not walk around with business cards in your hand, hunting people who look like they are your next customer.  This will naturally make others more defensive and will close the conversations.


The goal is to develop respectful business relationships in which others will want to refer people to you because they respect you.    I do recommend that you first have an attitude of seeking to help others.   Therefore before you arrive if you have friends who you know are looking for a new services, then focus on helping to find the right referral to offer for your friends.   If you can provide a relevant referral to one of your new business contacts they will appreciate your effort and will naturally want to return the gift of referral to you.

If you are able to give away a relevant referral then this will start the momentum for new referrals and then everyone is happy.   However even if this does not happen on the first Networking meeting, that is fine as the long term priority is to develop respectful business relationships with others, so that you can make a relevant referral in the future.

New referrals spontaneously happen when you you have a friend who you know needs a service and you have another friend who you know can meet that need.   So the key solution to a networking meeting is to build friendships with each person there and to continue to build those friendships through a commitment to the networking club and extra visits during the week.   It is a huge advantage if you can meet up with the members of the networking club during the week to listen to their story and to learn better how to refer the appropriate clients to their business.

There are many other marketing advantages to becoming a committed member of a networking club such as:

  • Awareness of other networking events
  • Awareness of other promotions offered by your new friends
  • New friends and business associates who want to refer to you…  
  • Adding other members to your Facebook and Linked-in contact list
  • Adding new members to your Business Face book page
  • Asking the other members to post comments on the Google Plus page
  • Add a testimonial to the website of your club members
  • Providing discounts for your loyal CIBN club members
  • Potential for Joint Venture Partnerships.

I invite you to join us in our CIBN business networking club.

Please Contact Kerry George for more information -403-397-1909 – Then please join us at a meeting

Lunch meeting – Friday at noon to 1:00 – Delta South Hotel in the Boom town restaurant.

 Check out the website at


We look forward to getting to know you better and helping your build your business.

Tania Spears



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