Our message to our customers…

We want to see your business succeed.  

Please share with us, how we can best help you build your business.

SB & FC values clear & concise communication.

We want to clarify any concerns that you may have, so that we can resolve them quickly and accurately.   If you have any concerns or questions please phone us.   If the C.R.A. sends you a letter and you want us to review it, please scan it and send it too us so that we can read it before we answer your phone message.    

Please review our website for basic information of our service, then send us an email to ask for the tax planning worksheets that we offer.



SB & FC values completion of tasks in a reasonable time.

We aim to complete our customer tasks on time.   Please communicate with your bookkeeper any due dates that you have and discuss an appropriate schedule for completion.    If your bookkeeping service is monthly, please speak to the bookkeeper about a set time of the month for delivery and pick up of your papers.   We will aim to complete your work as soon as is possible.  

We ask that you also pick up your paperwork from us as soon as it is done and make the appropriate payments as soon as you receive the invoice.   This is very much appreciated.



SB & FC values positive customer relationships

We appreciate our customers and are eager to listen to your concerns and offer what ever assistance is appropriate to meet your business bookkeeping needs.   

We invite you to meet with us over a cup of coffee to discuss your business issues and through a good conversation let’s find ways to help each other build our business.



SB & FC values REFERRALS to you and to us

We value the gift of positive business referrals that are appropriate for you and for us.    We have been active members of the CIBN Business networking club (www.cibnconnect.com) for a over 5 years and we have many business associates and referral partners to share with you.   If you have any questions about other businesses please ask us.   

We invite you to join us for lunch at our CIBN business networking meeting so that we can share in promoting your business.

The best gift from a happy client is a good referral. 

Please forward our website and our face book fan page to others.




Tania Spears


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