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Tania Spears is the founder, owner and lead bookkeeper for Spears Bookkeeping & Financial Consulting INC.   She has gained a wealth of knowledge from her 20 years of life experience in administrative jobs and now from the over 6 years of experience building the S.B.F.C. business.

If you have questions about bookkeeping rules, services and processes, please ask Tania.

Tania is a certified Quick Books Pro and highly experienced using the SAGE Simply accounting software.   Tania has used the Visual tax software for the Personal and Corporate tax returns. 

If you have questions about the bookkeeping software and options, please ask Tania.


Please review these common questions and their answers

  • How many years of experience do you have in this business?

    • Tania had over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping and administrative jobs before S.B.F.C. was started.
    • S.B.F.C. has been an active full time business since January 2010.
    • S.B.F.C. has a referral partner who is an accountant.   S.B.F.C. will refer clients to Paul, and Paul provides relevant advice to Tania to assist in the quality service.


  • What level of service do you provide?

    • Bookkeeping service is a “Notice to reader” standard
      • Which meads that the statements are accurate based on the information provided by the clients.
    • S.B.F.C. will represent you to the C.R.A. for collecting information
    • S.B.F.C. will mediate and present to the C.R.A. Auditor


  • Do you work in your office only?

    • Most of the bookkeeping is completed in the  S.B.F.C. business office
      • We require the client to deliver the documents to the office or send by email.
    • Service is also provided at your office site
      • Requires a 3 hour minimum charge per visit


  • What level of tax return service do you provide?

    • B.F.C. provides a FULL tax return service which includes
      • Personal – T1
      • Corporate – T2
      • GST quarterly and annual
      • Previous Tax return review
      • Representation with CRA for information
      • Mediation and representation with CRA for Auditor review


  • Is Spears bookkeeping a sole proprietorship?

    • S.B.F.C. is a corporation with opportunity to grow.
    • Tania is the lead bookkeeper and she leads a team of 3 bookkeepers or account managers.


  • What is the Key to better bookkeeping?

    • Communication, Communication, Communication…
      • Please provide all receipts, invoices and statements.
      • Please share the previous C.R.A. notice of assessment before tax return preparation.
      • If you have any questions or concerns please send me an email and ask ASAP.
    • Preparation – Please ask for the tax return preparation tip sheet before the tax return service.


  • What is my KEY to SUCCESS?

    • To help others succeed will bring success to my business.


Please feel free to send Tania an email to ask her questions.
  • info@spearsbookkeeping.ca


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