Tax return preparation checklist…Plan now and relax later.

How can we help you today?

We want you to have a very relaxing tax return appointment.   

In order to do this we need to plan ahead and be prepared.

PLEASE follow these simple steps.

  1. Call Tania @ 403-831-7821
    1. and ask for the tips Checklist sheet to be emailed to you.   Ask her any questions that you may have.
    2. The best way to help you is to get the checklist in your hand as soon as possible.
  2.  Call Michael at 403-831-7820
    1. and ask for a FREE visit to discuss your options with your R.R.S.P.
    2. If you make a contribution to an R.R.S.P. before the end of February then the contribution receipt can be added to the April tax return and it will reduce your taxable income, which may reduce the tax that you owe.
  3. As you collect all of the tax forms and receipts, keep them in a designated file folder dated for this tax year.
    1. Set up a new file folder to prepare for next year.   Then when you receive the N.O.A. – Notice of assessment put that in the file folder for next year.
    2. Tax papers are to be kept safe for seven years, just in case the CRA want to review it.   So PLEASE keep all your papers in a safe and dry place where you will find it again if needed.
  4. Attend a Workshop so that you can learn some ideas about how to reduce your taxes
    1. February 22nd 7:00 – 8:30
    2. located at the National Best financial solutions office – #201- 7475 Flint Road SE Calgary  AB
    3. Participate in the workshop and share your tax stories, ask questions and plan for a better return.


General tips

  • Prepare your own checklist:
    • List all the charities that you donated too.
    • List all of your investment companies
    • List your sources of income
  • Do not wait for forms to arrive in the mail, Print them from the website yourself:
    • Most Investment companies have stopped mailing out printed tax forms, so you may need to go onto their website to print out your T3 and T5 forms.
    • If you received income from EI then you will be able to print out your T4-EI income form from the CRA website.
  • Never assume it is all correct.
    • It does happen that a Tax form is sent to you with an error which the company will correct and resend an updated copy.  It has happened that the company forgets to send it to you while the C.R.A. does receive the new data.
  • ASK for an annual statement:
    • If you have business income from a contract business, ask the payroll department for an annual statement instead of relying on your collection of monthly checks and receipts.
    • If you have monthly expenses from a pharmacy or other store, please ask them for an annual statement instead of just the collection of receipts.
  • ASK your bookkeeper and your tax preparer of questions.
    • We want to do the best for you, but the we can only do for you as much as you share information with us.

We appreciate you, your family and your finances.

We commit to do the best that we can for you.

Thank you for letting us serve you with this task.


Tania Spears