Top 10 New Years Resolutions A.K.A. Goal Setting! – for the Business owner…

New Years **Solutions 

As the Calendar comes to an end each year the memes and jokes about New Years Resolutions will fill the Facebook and twitter pages.   Some will appreciate the reminder to set their goals, and others will just joke about the experience of having made goals and then failed to follow through with their good intentions.

Regardless of your history with personal goal setting, we know goal setting is important, for a business to succeed.

Every business leader needs to take a time out each season to re-evaluate their results, commit to their reason and to re-set their calendar with the important and urgent tasks.

GOALS = “GO ALL the way to SUCCESS”

It is a personal process first then a Business process

Business Coach Colin Sprake teaches that there is a big difference between being interested in your success and actually being fully committed to your business success.    This means that goals are not just an annual game or personal pep talk, GOALS are focused on in the whole process until the completed ACTION.

It has been said that everything that happens is a process of – Feelings which lead to Thoughts which builds to Actions which produce Results.

It is important to take control of our thoughts to keep our thoughts positive and feelings happy and energetic.   So that the result of positive thoughts and energetic feelings will be action that produce successful results.

Steps to Success…

  1. DREAM 

  2. GOALS 

  3. PLAN


#1.  DREAM and Dream BIG

Take time alone with write out your personal Dreams and anything that will motivate your actions.   Have fun dreaming and being creative to imagine all of the great holidays and experiences that you want to share with your family, friends and future business partners.

Make a personal bucket list of

  • What you want to have,
  • What you want to do,
  • Where you want to go,
  • What do you want to give and share with.

#2.  GOALS and “GO ALL the way to SUCCESS”

A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline.  When you define what you want you also need to define when you want it.  Some Goals may be life long adventures but some goals must be done before the next season.

Write out a Date for when you want to achieve your Dreams, beside each dream add a date.

For Example:

  • January 31 – lump sum contribution to my R.R.S.P.
  • March 31 – Complete my tax return early
  • April 31 – Receive my tax refund and re-invest it…
  • January  – Take a 14 day holiday in Jamaica with family
  • January 2020 – Expand business to a new office with a board room and offices for three sub contractors to share.
  • etc…


There are many books, videos and websites that will teach about business management and business building strategies.   All of the strategies are good and some in particular may be your key to success.    The question of which strategy to use and when to use it is your choice.

Consider the following list, and prioritize it for your own business.  Some of these strategies many need to be acted on immediately and others may be part of your action plan for the next month.  Each of these have some value to you and your business, but naturally some are urgent for today, some can be prioritized to be done next month, some may need to be reviewed  or re-focused as appropriate, but all are crucial to a successful business.

  1. Review your tax planning
  2. Review your business insurance
  3. Review the marketing plan
  4. Review the Health insurance and health trust account.
  5. Join a Networking club and be active netWORKING
  6. Consult with a Financial planner
  7. Hire a Business Coach
  8. Hire a Personal Coach
  9. Hire a personal fitness trainer
  10. Hire a Bookkeeper.

#4.  ACTIONS – Just do it and do it again…

The key process is to have a goal, a plan, a schedule and then Just do it and do it again until successful.

Each of these items on this task are IMPORTANT and some are URGENT.  You need to Prioritize this action list and then DO IT NOW...

  1. Review your tax planning
    1. Call Tania Spears of Spears bookkeeping @ tax return services and review your tax plan.
      1. 403-831-7820
  2. Review your business insurance
    1. Call Kelly Grey
      1. 403-532-4882
      2. Kelly Grey on Linked in – Click here
  3. Review the marketing plan
    1. Call Tyler Zeck of Marketing Mentor ship Academy
      1. 403-703-0732
  4. Review the Health and benefits plan and your health trust for your staff and yourself.
    1. Call Michael Spears of National Best Financial Solutions
      2. 403-831-7820
  5. Join a Networking club
    1. Call Kerry George of the CIBN
      1. 403-397-1909
        1. PLEASE state you were referred by Tania Spears
  6. Consult with a Financial planner
    1. Call Michael Spears an independent financial planner with National Best Financial Solutions to discuss your R.R.S.P. and Life insurance for your whole family
      1. 403-831-7820
  7. Hire a Business Coach
    1. Call Colin Sprake of Make your mark business training.
      1. (+1) 844-560-5609
        1. **  Please state you were referred by Michael Spears
  8. Hire a Personal Coach
    1. Call Michelle of Awareness Strategies
      1. (403) 259-2490
  9. Hire a Personal Fitness Trainer
    1. Call Dee Mago of Dee’s health and fitness
      1. (403) 619-7037
  10. Hire a Bookkeeper
    1. Call Tania and set up an appointment to assess your bookkeeping needs.
      1. 403-831-7821

NOTE: Whenever you gain a new client, always ask them how they found you.  It is important to spend your advertising money on the method that is getting the current results.

Likewise when you speak to our friends in this above action list, please tell them that you were referred by Tania Spears.   



with direct strategies for your success.


I invite you to take action now

and have great success this 2019 year.

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