Toxic ingredient for the Successful Business – 4

Choose Toxic behavior or Choose High Protein Power Success Behavior

If you want to have a healthy body then you do not drink sugar and fat etc.  


If you want to have a successful business then you do not allow toxic activity in your business strategy!



Business Coach, Colin Sprake teaches the 5 toxic ingredients for a successful business and how to focus on healthy business structures.    This is taught at the seminar –  Mastering Your Business For Maximum Profit & Success.   I have attended this seminar a few times because the information he offers is relevant and he provides so much information that I want to go back until I can teach it and preach it all myself…

I want to share some of the information with you  so that you can benefit now and practice some of his lessons in your business, as my gift to you.

(note this is NOT Colin’s script, but it is my personal notes and reflection of the lesson.)

Toxic ingredient #4.  —   Ineffective Networking

Solution: W-I-N


There are some who teach the process of “Ready, Fire, Aim”.   This principle is used to emphasis the importance of just trying a sale and then evaluating the results to aim better the next time.    While action is necessary, it is an error to have activity with no plan.   First impressions are important so a false start is an error, regardless of how you recover from it.


This solution first requires you to know WHO your target market is and understand WHERE they are and WHEN then are listening.

  • It is a waste of your advertising to promote yourself to people who are not in a location or position to respond.
  • It is a waste of your time to look for prospects for a large purchase in a place where you are surrounded by people who are struggling financially.
  • It is a waste of your time to look for clients at a time when they are busy or not interested in your product.   You want to meet them when they can and will listen to you.

Remember: “Birds of a feather flock together.”  Which means that if you know your target market, and then if you go to the appropriate place at the right time you may find a large group of people in your market all at once.    It is better to present to group of people in your target market then just look for one person at a time.



Toxic thoughts are filled with compromise and excuses.    The positive solution is to focus our thoughts and intentions on the final goal and a successful path to that goal.

  • The compromise thoughts say to our self that “we are going to a network meeting to make friends and business contacts” who may provide good referrals.
  • The comprimise thoughts are good, but good is mediocore.


  • The Successful intentions thoughts say to us that we are going to networking meeting to achieve our goals and to produce a large amount of money through our business.
  • We understand that the process or path to success is to develop positive business relationships with people who will provide quality relevant referrals.
  • We DO NOT settle for just the introduction, but we follow through and set the appointment at that meeting.



This is a controversial lesson that Colin focuses on and I recommend to you that is one of the most important that all sales people need to learn, practice and master.

The first perspective and action to change is to remove the assumptions that others make when they see you and first hear your introduction.    We need to accept that any one who is active in business already has had a previous experience with some one our industry or company.   So if we allow them to think about their previous bad experiences then they will judge us by their previous experiences and then ignore what we can offer.   It is true that others judge us and form the first impression of us by our appearance so the company logo or uniform will create a first impression that will limit our message.


  • Do not wear any company logos 
  • Do not say your company name, you title or your name.

The Message

The traditional “infomercial” or elevator speech is designed just like a verbal business card.   It provides all the basic details that anybody can find on your business card or now in your basic website.   Yet in our modern culture which allows any one to google your company faster then you provide your elevator speech that is useless.

The Solution

Is focus on the people in front of you and be their solution provider

Rules for a successful message:

  • Ask a qualifying question
    • It is a waste to time to talk to people who are not in your target market.
  • Announce the pain the that they face in their business, or the Challenges that is slowing them down.
    • Connect with the people so that they feel that you know and understand their challenges.
  • Attract them with a process from the pain to the pleasure.
    • Assure them that you have a solution to their pain
  • Action – Tell them to speak to you after for the Action plan.
    • Book the appointment, NOW….
    • You only want serious clients who are stepping up to speak to you so tell them to come to you and book an appointment.

*****  (end of Colin’s presentation excerpt)  *****

Keep in mind that when Colin presents the lesson in the seminar he has a general introduction and then he presents 5 – FIVE – toxic ingredients and their solutions.

So YES this is a HIGH VALUE event to participate in.

Are you interested in growing your business?

Are you committed to your business enough to invest two hours in growing yourself?

I know being in business is frustrating, emotionally difficult and a constant effort to stay on track to success.

I understand that I also always need to learn more and re-focus myself on positive thoughts.

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