What is $35 dollars worth to you? Now and in the future…

What is $35. Dollars worth to you?  Now and in the future…

Of course, we may first ask what currency? Is it Canadian, American or Bitcoin?

Maybe for you $35 is a lunch with a friend or a night watching a game at a bar.

Maybe $35 dollars is a quick trip to Walmart to get new clothes for your kids.

Maybe you have come to notice that $35 dollars is spent each week at Tim Horton’s simply buying your coffee and breakfast sandwich each day.   So, your actions show that $35 is worth the warm feelings of a hot coffee and your comfortable and convenient breakfast.   This is good as long as it fits into your budget.   

There are many good answers to this, and naturally it all depends you budget, your dreams and your priorities.    I would love to meet up with you to discuss more about your budget, but for this blog, let’s consider the real life effects of $35.

I am asking about your $35 that you are having sitting in a savings account at the bank earning .05% interest.  When we accept that money being held for that level of interest is growing less than the growth of inflation then we know we absolutely need to find a better use for that money.

Let’s consider three main options  for the $35.

Option #1.  What if you put $35 in the bank?  –


  • $35 per month in a savings account for 60 years.


  • $25,000. from your wallet has been held at the bank.

If you put $35 per month in a Bank savings account and you continue to do this for 60 years, then you will have approximately $25,000. Dollars in the bank, after 60 years!     Now when we consider that the interest is .05% and then there will be bank fees charged against the account then the value will be decreased   Also consider the effect of inflation on the purchasing power will be significant.


  • Bad Choice


Option #2. What if you put $35 into an investment account such as a mutual fund?


  • $35 per month in a mutual fund account at 6% compounded interest for 60 years.


  • $246,900.

If you invested your $35 per month into a mutual fund and you did this for 60 years, then you would have approximately $246,900.

We accept that the results from Mutual funds fluctuate every day, therefore this is a basic estimate and an advisor can not guarantee the results.   This illustration is an estimate of the returns to you based on an average of 6% per year compounded for the 60 years.    It is true that the mutual fund company will take fees to pay themselves, however the advertised returns are promoted after the fees are deducted.


  • Very Good, everyone should start this as a part of a diversified investment plan.


Option #3. What if you put $35 into a whole life insurance policy?


  • $35 per month can purchase a Whole Life – participating policy with the paid up additional insurance option, for a one year old female child.   
  • The payment is required for 20 years,
  • The benefits are guaranteed for life.   
  • Total payments made after 20 years $8,400.


  • $25,000. Life insurance benefit paid to the family as soon as the policy is approved, and this is guaranteed for life.
  • After 5 years an allowance to withdraw cash from the policy starts to grow, which allows $2,900 to be withdrawn after year 20.   The amount allowed to be withdrawn grows every year.
  • Dividends are used every year to purchase additional insurance so that the benefit of the policy grows dramatically and is estimated to be $146,200 by age 60.
  • Due to the dividends automatically purchasing new insurance, the value of the policy will be greater than the effect of inflation.



  • Every grandparent should buy this for their grandchildren.   A grandparent who wants to leave a LEGACY of wise financial planning and offer a truly valuable gift will pay for this policy.

  • Every parent should buy this for their children.   It is a proactive choice to make to ensure the child will be guaranteed a policy when they are an adult regardless of any future illness.

This is the very responsible option to act on.

Do not waste time, a life insurance policy is protection for your family and estate as soon as the policy is approved, and then guaranteed for life.

Just do it NOW!


Call Michael Spears at 403-831-7820 and let Michael Spears show you your options of companies to choose from and they benefits that you will enjoy.




Note: The quote is taken from Foresters financial life insurance company.   The information regarding the Whole life insurance policy is taken from a quote for a Whole Life insurance product which includes the paid up additional insurance options, and is the pay for 20 years option.

  • Please note that the price on his blog is used from that quote on November 6th 2017, the price may change.
  • Prices for life insurance are based on the insured age, gender and all health risks, all quotes must be personalized for the insured.   The illustration provided is for a one year old child.

When you call Michael Spears, please ask for an updated quote for each member of your family.