Why Hire A Bookkeeper?

The Five reasons why every business should hire an independant Bookkeeper.

# 1 . “Keep the Main thing the Main thing”

Work your Priorities and Outsource the rest

  • It is important that an entrepreneur chooses to focus on the Main or “Core” activities of their business, and give it their “BEST”
  • Steven covey teaches that we need to focus on the “Important roles” and not be pressured by the “Urgent tasks”. You focus on the Important business and let us do the Urgent bookkeeping.
  • The Owner needs to be known as the Master of their Trade, and not the “Jack of all trades” If the owner is trying to do it all by themselves, then others will see their skill of juggling, or multi-tasking, but not their best skill of their Core business.
  • It is important for a business owner to know their “Money Trail” Write out the tasks that take a customer from Prospect to Payment. Then do these tasks in order and Repeat, until successful.
    • If there are tasks that take you off of the Money Trail, then OUT SOURCE IT!!!

#2. Accountability and Credibility

Protect your Reputation!

  • If you represent a church or a community Group then you understand that one of your most valuable qualities is your reputation. You Know that you have to protect it at all costs.
  • If your reputation is damaged you may have to change your management team or spend money on a Public Relations Campaign.
  • It is much more Valuable to just have a good Bookkeeper who can protect you from any donors Doubts.

#3. Peace of Mind

Just let it Go…

  • It is so much easier to sleep at night, when you can trust a professional bookkeeper to get the job done right, the first time.
  • It is so much easier on your stress level when you know if you have any bookkeeping questions you do not have to spend hours looking for the answers, you can just call a friend, your bookkeeper who can help you out.

#4. “Teamwork makes the Dream work.”

You can not do it all yourself, share the work load.

  • A Bigger Dream requires a Bigger Team.
  • Success comes easier when you have a Team of specialists.
  • No one person can do it all, it is always wiser to hire a team of specialists and let them to their best work in your business.

#5. We do the same tasks as an Accounting service, but CHARGE much LESS.

Save your money and hire a bookkeeper!

  • Most Accounting services offices include a Certified accountant who supervises the office that is filled with bookkeepers, who do all the work.    So you are paying Accountant rates for a bookkeeper to do your work for you.
  • It is much better for you to hire a bookkeeper for the monthly tasks and then simply hire an accountant to audit the books each year, if you feel that is necessary.
  • When a bookkeeper completes an annual report, it is labelled as a “Notice to reader” Standard, which means that the business owner has confirmed that the source data is correct and the bookkeeper has recorded it as provided. This is not an official audit, however it is acceptable as long as you identify what you have done. Be aware that some accountants will do a Notice to reader standard of service and still charge their regular accounting rates.
  • If your company requires a full audit then you can hire an accountant to that for you after the bookkeeper has prepared it for the accountant. This will result in a much happier accountant who can get the job done much easier, and it will result in a much happier business owner who just saved money.


There are also five reasons why you should hire SPEARS BOOKKEEPING

  1. Experience:
    1. Tania Spears has over 20 years of administrative and Bookkeeping experience in different industries.
  2. Expertise and Education
    1. While most lessons are learned through experience, Tania is an expert at what she does.   Tania is a certified “Quick Books Pro” trained by the Quick Books Pro education system.
  3. Enthusiasm: 
    1. Yes, Tania is very enthusiastic about serving he clients.
  4. Efficient: 
    1. When ever you have a service that charges by the hour, you need to know that the worker is very efficient with her time.
  5. Easy to work with: 
    1. Tania is great to work with.


We encourage open communication about any concerns that you may have and we will resolve any concerns that you have.   Tania is a very friendly bookkeeper,  you will enjoy working with us.

Please call Tania at 403-831-7821 and set up a visit over coffee to discuss how we can best serve you and your business.

Thank you