Win + Win Solution = is a smart choice of a personal business…

“All Business solutions need to be negotiated so that All parties are winners.”  

Spears bookkeeping focuses on helping you achieve

“Win+Win” Solutions for your business and personal finances.

When evaluating your personal financial situation we want to offer you solutions that will raise your income while improving your lifestyle and not causing an unnecessary expense.    We invite you to consider the opportunities and benefits of personal home business.

When you have a personal business you are eligible to reduce your taxable income with the business expenses while increasing your income with the new business revenue.    Also the shared business networking can often benefit your lifestyle and your main business.

When you are considering a new company to represent there are few factors to evaluate.  


RELEVANCE: Is the product relevant to me, and to my family?

  • I am the natural customer, and am I passionate about the values and purpose of this company?
  • Will I be able to share a personal story of how this product has helped me?
  • Do I know other people who are like me that this product will help?

RISK: What is the required fees?

  • Is there a start up administration fee?  or initial product or display purchase?
  • Is there a monthly required cost or product shipment?
  • Is there an annual membership fee?

It is important to be aware of the fees, yet they are not a reason for saying “No” to this company.   It really depends on the Return that you expect.    Be aware that to own a Tim Horton’s restaurant franchise is approximately $500,000.  and then on top of that the owner still has to pay for the building and the employees and yet we all say “I wish I owned one of those money machines”   So the truth is that that owning a business is has a realistic price.    Just evaluate what the company is providing for you such as an existing system, experienced trainers, a proven product, legal advice, a free bookkeeping service and a free website to promote your product.   If the cost of owning this business is realistic with the service that the company is providing to you then this is not an issue.

REWARD: What is the benefit to me for my lifestyle and for my finances?

  • Will buying this product be included in my existing personal budget without increasing my personal expenses?
  • What is the compensation package?    Is it commission on direct sales only, or is it also residual income or “passive” income.
  • Is this a team building structure that allows unlimited growth?


After considering the above questions you can then decide if this business opportunity will provide you with a reasonable return on your investment of your time and money.   If you agree that it will provide a good return on your investment. 

Then JUST DO IT…    

Since at this point you are making an educated guess, it is always best allow your self to TEST IT for a full year.  Then after that year evaluate your efforts and your results.  If you decide then that it was not your style or your passion, then write down all of the lessons from your experiences and try again with a new business that is your passion and your fits your lifestyle.

It is true that to succeed at a business it is always best to give it your main focus and priority time.    So I do not recommend that you try to do multiple businesses at the same time.  

However I recommend that if you can replace your current shopping with a designated company that will pay you a commission for shopping with them, then it is WIN+WIN choice.   Therefore please consider the following:

We encourage you to evaluate your options, and if it is RELEVANT to you, then JUST DO IT!  Call us now to get you started in your own home business.

We have had experiences with other companies and we have many other friends who are involved in their own home business, so please call us and let us help you to find the right business opportunity that is RELEVANT for you.

Let us share our story with you.   Call Tania at 403-831-7821.

We look forward to working with you to help you build your own home business and virtual store.

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