Your healthy body is just like your healthy financial plan.

Do you have a healthy body?

Health advice is promoted every where.  When I was young I regularly saw the TV ads for “Body Break” with Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, just mentioning their names probably started the music jingle in your head.   They promoted good health with regular exercise and nutritional eating habits.    Now in this new generation, every day when I browse my Facebook news feed I see articles and posts teaching and motivating me to exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet.   I appreciate all of these lessons, yet I accept the truth that change does not happen just because the commercials are attractive and caught my attention, change happens when I choose to follow the plan and do it and then do it again until the habit is a natural reflex reaction.

If you choose to hire a physical training specialist then you can have someone give you direct instruction and coaching when you are at the gym doing your workout.   This is much more effective and more enjoyable then just reading the lessons and then trying to complete the workout on your own.

You can also hire a nutritional specialist who will coach you on your monthly grocery purchases and weekly meal plan.    Again you have probably read all the key principles about these plans and you might say to yourself, “I know all about that already”.   Likewise it is always much better to speak to a specialist and have them guide you through the plan so that you can clarify your personal goals and they can help you focus on the best strategy for your own personal situation and be encouraged to follow through until the desired changes have taken place.

Both of these options are an excellent key to your physical health success.   Many  people have heard it all before and may have even tried a few times to set these good habits in place, but it takes working with a health coach to actually make it happen and do it again and again until the desired result is achieved.

Success in life long goals comes with working with a Coach.

Having a healthy body is a life long goal and you will have the most success with your healthy goals if you work with an physical training coach and a nutritional education coach.

Having a healthy financial body is a life long goal and you will have the most success with your health financial goals if you work a financial coach or an independant financial adviser.

Techniques are like Options…

A personal trainer will tell you that there are different methods of exercise.   One method will build large muscle mass and another will build endurance and tone your muscle.   I am not an exercise coach so I am not going to explain what these are, but I do know if you start working with a personal trainer then you need to explain to them what your goals are so that they can structure your work out plan according to your desired goals.

A Financial adviser can explain to you that some investment options are geared for long term safety and stability, and other investment options are geared for long term growth with some volatility.    Some investments have a low risk and a low reward expectation, while other investments have a high risk and a high reward potential.    Therefore when you first talk to a financial adviser you need to share your short term and your long term goals, so that your plan is properly designed to fit your personal needs.

Smart Choices is like Security and protection

A personal nutrition adviser will tell you the healthy choices that you need to make in your food purchase planning as well in your weekly cooking plan.   The motivation for these is too protect your body from harmful foods and to promote healthy choices that will build your body in clean manner.    If you had a great exercise plan but you always ate junk food then your health plan would be at a great risk of failure.   You need to protect your exercise plan with smart nutritional choices in your grocery shopping and weekly meal plan.

A financial planner will offer you options to protect your financial body as well.   There are different forms of options to protect the financial future of your estate which you give to your spouse and children in the form of life insurance and by using segregated funds for your investments which can be transferred to your children with out using an executor or the probate system.  There are also options to protect your financial future for yourself in the form of disability insurance, critical incident insurance, long term care insurance and if applicable using a health trust in your company to pay for your personal health expenses.   All of these options are positive ways to protect your financial future and to prevent the risk of a financial crisis for you and your children.

Just as there are many different exercise machines and free weight options in a gym,

like wise a financial planner has many different options to offer to you as well.

There are many options available to you to achieve a health financial body.   We also recommend that you educate yourself about your healthy options.

You can read about your options and study the

  • extra options,
  • benefits provided by one company,
  • optional riders,
  • fee structure,
  • the tax strategies,
  • risk levels and
  • reward expectations.  
  • Estate planning benefit

Yet it is always best to speak to an independent financial adviser, for a review of different options and their advice to which is best for you.

Then it is important to review your plan every year to ensure that you are on track and then make changes whenever it is appropriate.


We invite you to speak to Tania at Spears Bookkeeping – 403-831-7821 – to help sort out your questions and then to ask for a referral to an independent financial adviser.


Thank you

Tania Spears


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